Friday, August 13, 2010


It is natural to think of dreams in our lifetime;
To acheive those, we can even sometimes nickel and dime.

Dreams are something which give meaning to our existence;
Without which everything becomes meaningful and no more makes any sense.

A person is lucky and blessed if he follows and struggles for his dreams;
Becoz thats the only that will give him the utmost happiness even in the scorching pains.

Dreams make you realize that you are still alive;
Dreams set the path ahead to follow so as to complete the journey of life.

Everybody has dreams deep inside their heart;
They just need to listen it once and become its essential part.

Eat, Live, Walk and Work your Dreams;
That would take you to the brim of joy and satisfaction of the Heavens.

Struggles and Obstacles helps us more to reach to our aim;
They are just contributing to our overall Success with a different name.


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