Thursday, November 23, 2017


Everyone knows the meaning of being Happy;
But only a few know how to be Happy.

Where and how to find eternal happiness?
Sometimes a mere moment would be enough and sometimes even the whole lifetime would seem less.

We always seek happiness outside us;
But like God, it resides within us.

Does achieving an amazing career, banking lots of money and owning a palatial house makes someone really happy?
Is a question to be asked to ourselves and answered truthfully.

Does success leads to happiness?
It might not always be true but happiness always has a linear relationship to success.

We need to pause and ponder about our ultimate life motive;
Is it in earning name, fame, money or building knowledge, experiences, love of friends and family so as to happily live.

Love and Peace equates to happiness;
But is the most difficult treasure to obtain, maintain, preserve in any air-tight case.

Nowadays people are acknowledging and stressing the importance of it;
As a result, countries have come up with happiness index to measure it.

Happiness is ageless and priceless;
It has always existed in the past, is alive in the present and will be omnipresent in future years.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016


MOTHER is not just a mere word or a sound;
Rather the whole universe is into existence just because mother's love knows no bounds.

Life is a whole lot better when she is around;
Nothing equals her surreal presence when is she is not there and can't be found.

We want to cease all the MOMENTS spent with her;
Because those are our valuable treasures which we can cherish after her.

All kids are their mother's HEARTBEAT;
Seeing their kids smile makes every mother's HEART BEAT.

Each mother dedicates her  whole life to her kids;
No one can ever repay the love, care, affection and anything which she did.

Mother forgets all her pains, wounds and misery;
Works non-stop only to nourish child's life just like a plant in nursery.

Always try to respect and listen to your MOTHER;
She expects nothing except some time and love from their son or daughter.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Festivals !!

Festivals were always there and will always be here;
They never become old or go out of fashion anywhere.

We have enjoyed every moment and grown up with these festivals;
Life can't be complete without them as they are our life's carnivals.

Memories of festivals or wait for their arrivals always fills us with excitement and exuberance;
We just want to hold onto these moments so that they never go out of our sense.

Each festival has its own value and message;
Which acts as a mentor by showing us direction to the right passage.

Festival means togetherness of family and loved ones;
Nothing stands more important than this even though how far you run.

Festival always reminds us of our "GHAR" sweet HOME;
Then suddenly it makes us realize that what all we are missing by not going OUR HOME.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


 Where does expectation come from?
 Is it cultivated over time or something naturally born?

 Are expectations necessary to keep?
 How to decide the boundary so that we don't end up setting them too deep.

 They form a part of every existing relationship;
 Be the relation has been old like ages or just very niche.

 We all practice this always in our lives;
 Knowingly or unknowingly, it becomes a part of our personality which we can't even lie.

 Is it good or bad to expect something from someone?
 Because sometimes it makes our lives less fun and more pun.

 Expectations if fulfilled give us bundle of happiness;
 Expectations if not executed properly bring us heap of sadness.

 Are expectations crystal clear every time?
 As sometimes they just need attention, care, love, time and not lots of dime.

Monday, July 23, 2012


The beauty of life lies in simplicity;
 But getting to that, involves much perplexity.

 Things have changed so much in these times;
 That simplcity and twenty-onest century actually does not rhyme.

 Have we really made such radical progress?
 Because feeling of peace, innocence and solace has silenty digressed.

 We have come forward or slipped behind?
 Acheived technological advances but humilty and gratitude has blown in the wind.

 Everything has become so complex to understand these days;
 Be it relationships, parties, politics, movies, songs, childhood or even education base.

 Sometimes I am so baffled thinking that where our generations are going;
 Should I be feeling triumphant for being so modern or despondent to see the downgrade of human being.

 This is a lingering question for all of us;
 May be in coming times will be able to revive the most sought simplicity, which has just been rust.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mind Vs Heart

This is always the case;
as if both are competing against each other in a race.

It's always difficult between them to decide;
as similar as riding on an ocean's tide.

Heart says to follow this but Mind says to listen that;
can't decide who is playing a friend or who is acting a devil's advocate.

Who wins the so called battle most of the times;
seems so easy to ask but even tougher to hymn.

Why does two school of thoughts always exists;
Just to complement each other so as to complete the list.

So who do you listen to?
strong headed MIND or the soft tender HEART.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Laughter - A Million Dollar SMILE

What costs to have a heartfelt Laughter;
It just require a laugh which makes life Lighter.

Laughter starts from a simple Smile;
A small action towards anything is never Futile.

Heart feels extreme joy and Delight;
By seeing anybody's carefree laugh and their eye's Light.

People have become so busy in their Affairs;
That seeing them laugh has become Rare.

Innocent laugh is as beautiful as a Pearl;
That all luxuries, comfort or loads of money appears Dull.

We should try to live eternal and simplistic Happiness;
By laughing ourselevs or making some one laugh by Themselves.

For me, essence of life is in all these small Things;
Which truly makes me as happy as a bird who is flying with its own Wings.

Friday, August 13, 2010


It is natural to think of dreams in our lifetime;
To acheive those, we can even sometimes nickel and dime.

Dreams are something which give meaning to our existence;
Without which everything becomes meaningful and no more makes any sense.

A person is lucky and blessed if he follows and struggles for his dreams;
Becoz thats the only that will give him the utmost happiness even in the scorching pains.

Dreams make you realize that you are still alive;
Dreams set the path ahead to follow so as to complete the journey of life.

Everybody has dreams deep inside their heart;
They just need to listen it once and become its essential part.

Eat, Live, Walk and Work your Dreams;
That would take you to the brim of joy and satisfaction of the Heavens.

Struggles and Obstacles helps us more to reach to our aim;
They are just contributing to our overall Success with a different name.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Everybody has heard of this;
To know management is everybody's wish.

Management is the science of continuos learning;
It applies everywhere from living to working.

Its something without which life is incomplete;
and with this, we are pretty ready to compete.

Art of Living is also a type of management;
Other than the cleshey MBA agent.

Managemnet means managing time, resources, knowledge efficiently;
Home makers(Mom),Business managers,Dean(Principal) are all examples of managers working actively.

Somebody learns management from their own experience and mistakes;
But some like to have a formal extensive training just like a baked cake.

I am also on this track these days;
Focussing,Exploring,Trying to learn Management each day .

Just want to get this new science within;
So that no one can ever stop me from my win.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time is Moving ON

Situations and things are so rapidly changing;
Making me realize that TIME is flying with its own Wings.

I am now trying to hold it;
But its not listening to me but rather passing away hurriedly by every bit.

Whats in store for us in future No One knows;
But best would be Love,Happiness,Prosperity or Growth if somebody could just vow.

I am becoming nostalgic whenever I am thinking of my future moments;
Because I would be moving soon to a new place leaving behind my Parents, Relatives and my Friends.

How should I nurture my Future;
If anybody could just share their experinces with me just like a Mentor.

I know that I can't get answers to all of the above Questions;
But I just Wish and Pray to GOD that for everybody's Happiness, I may be some or the other part of THE Reason.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


The best feeling to feel is LOVE;
As among all others,it is THE above.

LOVE unites each and every person on this earth;
To make sure that no person is left and never feels its dearth.

LOVE can be found in any or every relation;
For example it reflects in MOM,DAD,SIS,BRO,FRIEND(boy or girl),HUSBAND,WIFEand anything which you can mention.

LOVE teaches us VALUES,ETHICS and precious MORALS of LIFE;
Which in turn makes us so strong to face any harships and protect us just like a BEEHIVE.

LOVE is a valuable gift of GOD to all of us;
Which has to be treasured like a JEWEL so that it can belong FOR EVER to us.

LOVE should always be EXPRESSED and SHOWN;
But we often forget to do this to those who are very our OWN.

LOVE only makes this small world a BEAUTIFUL place;
Without which every thing is just fake,meaningless,lifeless and SCARCE.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

GOlden Days


What and when where these golden days???
can anybody of u tell me this in any way??

I think those were when i was in my childhood;
which were the best and not only good.

Parents and siblings were around you to protect and nurture you;
but as u grow, the only one u can look around is only you and you.

Why this happens??
because whenever i realize this, it gives less joy and more pains.

Everything has now changed from past to present;
Friends are there but their presence is almost nascent.

If this is the meaning of being modern and successful;
Then i dont want this because it has make the LIFE very boring and dull.

This is something(Golden Days) which i just wish to come true;
But i know it wont ,even when my age is through.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

In Search Of What??

Sometimes i marvel what is that i want??
Giving serious thoughts to find the valuable answer, then also i simply can't.

Where does the felicity and expiation dwell??
If please anybody of you can tell.

When will this thirst of mine will be answered??
Will it require just few passing seconds or unlimited wait till the end.

Is it eternal or something wordly which i am looking for??
Whatever that may be, but please make me reach to that entry door.

Then only my life will be some focussed and meaningful,
Otherwise will just lose it in mere delights which will be baleful.

We all might have gone through this phase,
But its surprising that we didnt come up with he answer and not even tried to chase.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Where all the fun has gone???

Where all the fun has gone??
Is it because we are just passing our age one by one.

Where all the mischeifs, banter and pranks have hidden??
And for everyone now laughter and happiness just seems to be a burden.

It appears as if we have just forgotten how to be happy??
As a result of which aloofness, boredom has taken over the feeling of being lively and chirpy.

We have not been together since many days,
Because everybody is so lost just to live the life in their "very own ways".

This passing time will never come again,
Which we should realize now, so that in future it wont even pain.

I sometimes scare that how this PHASE will come to THE end,
But whatever may be the solution, i crave to GOD that please keep us bonded as "dear friends".

Monday, April 10, 2006

Something is going to happen

something is going to happen

Something is going to happen;
and for that , i have just almost become craven.

Don't know how i will manage that??
and dont know even that all other things will be in which "state"??

Plz someone be there with me;
so that , i can have some mental support within me.

Only new faces, environment and culture will be there;
and just by giving it a thought, i become totally scared.

How will i be able to strive??
there shud be some force which would help me to "drive".

I just hope that i get accustomed to all those very soon;
which for me should prove to be a "boon".

But this also is very fortuitous;
which will fulfill only if "HE" listens to my prayers.

So again standing alone and watching the starlit sky;
thinking that where in the DARKNESS or the BRIGHTNESS i will be lying????

Monday, March 20, 2006

why r gud things so short lived

why r good things so short lived???

Waiting eagerly for those precious moments which were very dear,
but to my surprise, they came as expected and now they r no more here.

they came like a gust of wind,
and gone back like a BUBBLE without giving any hint.

those few jiffies gave so much felicity,
that it appeared as i had migrated to some wonder hillbilly.

there was so much to say,to listen,to know, to share,
that everything else except those were totally unclear.

no worries, no tension, no leg-pulling, no taunting, no lonliness, no fear,no dullness was there
only laughter, charm, togetherness, care, affection, love was flowing everywhere.

i never wanted those days to cease,
because everyone was so enjoying and pleased.

but as everything comes to an end,
so that PHASE also went.

but why these gud things remain for seconds,
leaving behind long boring hours and killing days to be jocund.

Monday, March 06, 2006



dont know sometimes vat to do;
so helpless at times that u cant handle it nor even go.

whenever u want things to be rite;
then they just go wrong and out of ur sight.

i cant understand that why this happens;
which makes me so baffled and tense.

every body is rite at their own place;
then also there is something that sets the blaze.

where does the clash lies;
that they only ,who had made us, laugh had now make us cry.

plz make the things and the people like they were very before;
becoz that only ,for the present situation, can be the suitable cure.

Thursday, October 27, 2005



life is a journey and not a destination;
its a jouney of ur struggles, acheivements and not from nation to nation.

life is a precious gift to all of us from our lord;
and we should always try to learn something new so that we are not bored.

life has eclectic stages;
in which we have lived various moments of our ages.

life of a human being is even more valuable;
and it is very well understood by all of us becoz its not a riddle.

birth of life in any form always gives us pleasure;
so dont pine away ur life just only in leisure.

life is like a watch-timer;
which shows the picture of our life very clear.

so utilize ur life in doing something really worth;
which will give u endless happiness so that u will never feel its dearth



from where to start and where to go;
bcoz this treasure with our age always keeps to grow.

they are the mirrors of our life;
which show all ur efforts put by u to strive.

when we are despondent, lonely, or daunty;
then try to remember those special moments when u were ebullient and doughty.

memories are very close to my heart;
becoz all of our life, leaving this very moment, is its part.

u can never run away from memories;
whether they have it in urs heartfelt laughter or painful agonies.

memories are very our own;
but can share it wid someone who u think are also ur own.

so memories are our life's epitome;
which can help us to change a "brick-walled" house into a beautiful home.



feelings are intangibles;
and to express them u dont hav to babble.

feelings cover a very wide range;
just by agglomerating wid our age.

but feelings must always be true and genuine;
otherwise in the long run they might become a reason of ur downfall rather than ur winning.

feelings embrace various shades in its undercover;
either they are of a gud freind, mom and dad, soldier or of a lover.

feelings come from deep inside the heart ;
which is inbuilt or natural but cant be cultivated like an art.

wid out feelings, we will just be the same as animals;
which will also make us dull and lull.

a relation persists just becoz of some feelings;
which only wants just ur attention, time,introspection and nt ane billings.