Thursday, August 21, 2014


 Where does expectation come from?
 Is it cultivated over time or something naturally born?

 Are expectations necessary to keep?
 How to decide the boundary so that we don't end up setting them too deep.

 They form a part of every existing relationship;
 Be the relation has been old like ages or just very niche.

 We all practice this always in our lives;
 Knowingly or unknowingly, it becomes a part of our personality which we can't even lie.

 Is it good or bad to expect something from someone?
 Because sometimes it makes our lives less fun and more pun.

 Expectations if fulfilled give us bundle of happiness;
 Expectations if not executed properly bring us heap of sadness.

 Are expectations crystal clear every time?
 As sometimes they just need attention, care, love, time and not lots of dime.


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