Thursday, October 27, 2005



life is a journey and not a destination;
its a jouney of ur struggles, acheivements and not from nation to nation.

life is a precious gift to all of us from our lord;
and we should always try to learn something new so that we are not bored.

life has eclectic stages;
in which we have lived various moments of our ages.

life of a human being is even more valuable;
and it is very well understood by all of us becoz its not a riddle.

birth of life in any form always gives us pleasure;
so dont pine away ur life just only in leisure.

life is like a watch-timer;
which shows the picture of our life very clear.

so utilize ur life in doing something really worth;
which will give u endless happiness so that u will never feel its dearth



from where to start and where to go;
bcoz this treasure with our age always keeps to grow.

they are the mirrors of our life;
which show all ur efforts put by u to strive.

when we are despondent, lonely, or daunty;
then try to remember those special moments when u were ebullient and doughty.

memories are very close to my heart;
becoz all of our life, leaving this very moment, is its part.

u can never run away from memories;
whether they have it in urs heartfelt laughter or painful agonies.

memories are very our own;
but can share it wid someone who u think are also ur own.

so memories are our life's epitome;
which can help us to change a "brick-walled" house into a beautiful home.



feelings are intangibles;
and to express them u dont hav to babble.

feelings cover a very wide range;
just by agglomerating wid our age.

but feelings must always be true and genuine;
otherwise in the long run they might become a reason of ur downfall rather than ur winning.

feelings embrace various shades in its undercover;
either they are of a gud freind, mom and dad, soldier or of a lover.

feelings come from deep inside the heart ;
which is inbuilt or natural but cant be cultivated like an art.

wid out feelings, we will just be the same as animals;
which will also make us dull and lull.

a relation persists just becoz of some feelings;
which only wants just ur attention, time,introspection and nt ane billings.