Friday, January 29, 2010


Everybody has heard of this;
To know management is everybody's wish.

Management is the science of continuos learning;
It applies everywhere from living to working.

Its something without which life is incomplete;
and with this, we are pretty ready to compete.

Art of Living is also a type of management;
Other than the cleshey MBA agent.

Managemnet means managing time, resources, knowledge efficiently;
Home makers(Mom),Business managers,Dean(Principal) are all examples of managers working actively.

Somebody learns management from their own experience and mistakes;
But some like to have a formal extensive training just like a baked cake.

I am also on this track these days;
Focussing,Exploring,Trying to learn Management each day .

Just want to get this new science within;
So that no one can ever stop me from my win.