Thursday, November 23, 2017


Everyone knows the meaning of being Happy;
But only a few know how to be Happy.

Where and how to find eternal happiness?
Sometimes a mere moment would be enough and sometimes even the whole lifetime would seem less.

We always seek happiness outside us;
But like God, it resides within us.

Does achieving an amazing career, banking lots of money and owning a palatial house makes someone really happy?
Is a question to be asked to ourselves and answered truthfully.

Does success leads to happiness?
It might not always be true but happiness always has a linear relationship to success.

We need to pause and ponder about our ultimate life motive;
Is it in earning name, fame, money or building knowledge, experiences, love of friends and family so as to happily live.

Love and Peace equates to happiness;
But is the most difficult treasure to obtain, maintain, preserve in any air-tight case.

Nowadays people are acknowledging and stressing the importance of it;
As a result, countries have come up with happiness index to measure it.

Happiness is ageless and priceless;
It has always existed in the past, is alive in the present and will be omnipresent in future years.