Thursday, March 13, 2008


The best feeling to feel is LOVE;
As among all others,it is THE above.

LOVE unites each and every person on this earth;
To make sure that no person is left and never feels its dearth.

LOVE can be found in any or every relation;
For example it reflects in MOM,DAD,SIS,BRO,FRIEND(boy or girl),HUSBAND,WIFEand anything which you can mention.

LOVE teaches us VALUES,ETHICS and precious MORALS of LIFE;
Which in turn makes us so strong to face any harships and protect us just like a BEEHIVE.

LOVE is a valuable gift of GOD to all of us;
Which has to be treasured like a JEWEL so that it can belong FOR EVER to us.

LOVE should always be EXPRESSED and SHOWN;
But we often forget to do this to those who are very our OWN.

LOVE only makes this small world a BEAUTIFUL place;
Without which every thing is just fake,meaningless,lifeless and SCARCE.