Monday, July 23, 2012


The beauty of life lies in simplicity;
 But getting to that, involves much perplexity.

 Things have changed so much in these times;
 That simplcity and twenty-onest century actually does not rhyme.

 Have we really made such radical progress?
 Because feeling of peace, innocence and solace has silenty digressed.

 We have come forward or slipped behind?
 Acheived technological advances but humilty and gratitude has blown in the wind.

 Everything has become so complex to understand these days;
 Be it relationships, parties, politics, movies, songs, childhood or even education base.

 Sometimes I am so baffled thinking that where our generations are going;
 Should I be feeling triumphant for being so modern or despondent to see the downgrade of human being.

 This is a lingering question for all of us;
 May be in coming times will be able to revive the most sought simplicity, which has just been rust.