Monday, April 10, 2006

Something is going to happen

something is going to happen

Something is going to happen;
and for that , i have just almost become craven.

Don't know how i will manage that??
and dont know even that all other things will be in which "state"??

Plz someone be there with me;
so that , i can have some mental support within me.

Only new faces, environment and culture will be there;
and just by giving it a thought, i become totally scared.

How will i be able to strive??
there shud be some force which would help me to "drive".

I just hope that i get accustomed to all those very soon;
which for me should prove to be a "boon".

But this also is very fortuitous;
which will fulfill only if "HE" listens to my prayers.

So again standing alone and watching the starlit sky;
thinking that where in the DARKNESS or the BRIGHTNESS i will be lying????