Monday, March 20, 2006

why r gud things so short lived

why r good things so short lived???

Waiting eagerly for those precious moments which were very dear,
but to my surprise, they came as expected and now they r no more here.

they came like a gust of wind,
and gone back like a BUBBLE without giving any hint.

those few jiffies gave so much felicity,
that it appeared as i had migrated to some wonder hillbilly.

there was so much to say,to listen,to know, to share,
that everything else except those were totally unclear.

no worries, no tension, no leg-pulling, no taunting, no lonliness, no fear,no dullness was there
only laughter, charm, togetherness, care, affection, love was flowing everywhere.

i never wanted those days to cease,
because everyone was so enjoying and pleased.

but as everything comes to an end,
so that PHASE also went.

but why these gud things remain for seconds,
leaving behind long boring hours and killing days to be jocund.

Monday, March 06, 2006



dont know sometimes vat to do;
so helpless at times that u cant handle it nor even go.

whenever u want things to be rite;
then they just go wrong and out of ur sight.

i cant understand that why this happens;
which makes me so baffled and tense.

every body is rite at their own place;
then also there is something that sets the blaze.

where does the clash lies;
that they only ,who had made us, laugh had now make us cry.

plz make the things and the people like they were very before;
becoz that only ,for the present situation, can be the suitable cure.