Wednesday, May 04, 2016


MOTHER is not just a mere word or a sound;
Rather the whole universe is into existence just because mother's love knows no bounds.

Life is a whole lot better when she is around;
Nothing equals her surreal presence when is she is not there and can't be found.

We want to cease all the MOMENTS spent with her;
Because those are our valuable treasures which we can cherish after her.

All kids are their mother's HEARTBEAT;
Seeing their kids smile makes every mother's HEART BEAT.

Each mother dedicates her  whole life to her kids;
No one can ever repay the love, care, affection and anything which she did.

Mother forgets all her pains, wounds and misery;
Works non-stop only to nourish child's life just like a plant in nursery.

Always try to respect and listen to your MOTHER;
She expects nothing except some time and love from their son or daughter.